Aurora V T8, 48 Inch Superlife (# DT-06413)

Aurora V T8-48 Inch Superlife Fluorescent BulbThe high efficiency and high lumen output of the Aurora V Superlife (F32T8) lamp allows you to operate fewer lamps while achieving the same amount of light output as ordinary fluorescent lamps.

This special T8, four-foot fluorescent tube also delivers greater efficiency and longer life. The smaller diameter tube increases brightness up to 3450 lumens versus the 3100 lumens of a standard T-8 lamp. Combines with superior phosphor technology, similar to what makes today's color televisions so crisp and clear, the Aurora V Superlife T-8 is a brighter lamp with better color rendition than standard fluorescent lamps.  5000K, 3450 Lumens.  Price listed is per bulb.

Price: $18.95


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  • DT-06413
  • DT-06413