Eco Pure - Universal UV Purifier - Ultra-UV, UVC 16" (# UVPL36)

Eco Pure - Universal UV Purifier - Ultra-UV, UVC 16" (# UVPL36)

Click here to edit this image.Eco Pure - Universal UV Purifier - (# UVPL36), BENEFITS Bi-axial lamp design provides superior coverage, output and performance where space is limited Longer lasting bulb that provides over 9000 hours of use ( ie: aprox. one year full time) Fixture includes LED readout that demonstrates lamp and power supply functions Easy Maintenance - Innovative design makes replacing the lamp a "snap." Simply pull the old lamp out and push the new lamp in. An alignment notch on the lamp ensures the lamp is installed correctly. Built-in safety features to reduce possibility of accidental exposure to UV In HVAC evaporator coil irradiation applications, the Germicidal UV System pays for itself through energy and maintenance savings in as little as one year Improves indoor air quality by destroying surface microbes including colds, flu, and other viruses Small Footprint - The UV cleanser small external footprint (3.6" x 3.4") means it will fit in even the tightest spaces. Low Energy Usage - The lamp uses only 36 watts of energy One year warranty on both the fixture and the lamp No Ozone - The UVPL36 will not produce Ozone Installs quickly, easily and safely into residential and light commercial HVAC systems The UVPL36 is designed for the control of microbiological allergens and pathogens that may be found in light commercial HVAC applications. It can be quickly installed and is an economical way to provide highly effective germicidal 254 nanometer wavelength energy on internal surface areas of the HVAC system where mold, mildew, fungus or potentially harmful micro-organisms may live and breed. The UVPL36 is virtually maintenance free and uses less energy than a standard 40 watt bulb. The heart of the system consists of a special environmentally friendly 254 nanometer wavelength lamp which is designed to operate 24 hours a day and costs just pennies to run. Eco Pure 36 watt.


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