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Full Spectrum Lighting, Natural Lighting Vita-lite

Workhorse Ballast 6, 277 volt Ballast (# WH6/277L)

Workhorse Ballast 6, 277 volt Ballast (# WH6/277L)

Naturallighting Workhorse BallastsWorkhorse Ballast 6, Long Case, 277 volt, Solid-State Electronic, Case Size, Height - 1.0, width - 1.72, Length - 9.5, Max. Power 140 watt, Max. Current 0.50 Amp. Operating Temperature -20 F (-30 C) to 158 F (70 C). Workhorse Ballast - Low Cost Freezer Ballast Replacement. Sound Rated A, do not use for remote mounting (see Longhorse ballast for remote mounting). ON SALE, Minimum order quantity - 1 ballast.

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