Lightwave Ultraviolet Ballast (Honeywell and EB-1007 Replacement) # EB-1008-03

Lightwave UV Ballast - EB-1008-03, includes Ballast LED Indicator Light.  This ballast has switch for 120 volt or 220/230 volt.  Operates one germicidal lamp, 400-450 ma. Lamp type - GPH212, GPH287, GPH303, GPH357, TUV15, TUV16, TUV18, G10T5.  Also for Honeywell replacement with PL 18 watt lamp.   Rapid start. Dimensions - Length (includes mounting tabs) 3.2" , Width - 1.8", Height 1".  Includes LED light for ballast.  Replacement for EB-1007, which has been discontinued.   Model # EB-1008-03, Lightwave.
Price: $59.99


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  • EB-1008-03
  • EB-1008-03