Purion Fresh Air Purifying Warm White 3000K, 15 watt (# FA1530)

Purion Fresh Air Purifying Warm White 3000K, 15 watt (# FA1530)

Fresh Air Purifying Compact Fluorescent Day Light, 3000K, 15 watt (# FA1530). medium screw in base, 1500 Lumens, 120 volt, rated life - 10,000 hours. Length - 5.55" (top of bulb to bottom of socket).  Replaces 65 watt incandescent.  Removes odors, improves air quality, save energy, improves quality of light -  war, white light (3000K),  yellow tone similar to standard incandescent bulbs.  Excellent for home, office, retail, restaurants, schools, locker rooms, bathrooms, medical facilities. Sunlite's new Purion™ lamp (compact fluorescent lamp) is the ultimate air purification system. Inside the Purion™ lamp is a unique ionizer that emits millions of powerful pollution fighting ions into the air everything second.  These ions attach themselves to airborne pollutants such as smoke, pollen, viruses and odor causing bacteria and cause them to literally fall to the ground where they can be cleaned away.  Smoke and odors are instantly neutralized.  Don't cover the smell with air fresheners; destroy the odor with this unique system.  It's ideal for use in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, public buildings, dormitories, and almost anywhere a normal light bulb may be used. Our Purion™ lamp lasts up to 10 times longer than your average incandescent light bulb.

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