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Bird Lighting, Chicken Lighting -  Full Spectrum Lighting for Birds


Full Spectrum Lighting for Birds, Bird Health Lighting, Chicken Lighting, Reptile Lighting, Indoor Pets. specializes in full spectrum lighting for birds, reptiles, aquariums, exotic animals, and all indoor pets.  Vita-Lite - FOR ALL LIVING THINGS - offers balanced UVA and UVB, essential for growth, health, Vitamin D, and reproduction.  Other items include all types of fixtures (8" to 48"), electronic flicker free ballasts, and components. Bird Lighting, Reptile Lighting, All Indoor Pet Lighting.  NaturesSunlite, Vita-Lite, Vita-Brite, NaturesSunlite™, Tru-Lite.  Vitabright.  Full Spectrum lights are excellent for all indoor pets, animals, raising chickens (helps with Vitamin D, can help reduce sickness, disease, increase egg production.

See Vita-Lite for birds

 Fixtures - All types of fixtures, strip 1 and 2 lamp, 18" to 48", electronic ballasts, etc.  See Interior fixtures -Product Catalog.   Interior Fixtures Product Catalog (pdf format, approx 1.9 MB).

Air Purifiers  - Eliminates odors, airborne viruses, bacteria, etc.  Portable, life time washable pre filter!

Desk and Floor Lamps 

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