Duro-Test Lighting, Code Beacon

Duro-test Lighting - Code Beacon, Incandescent, traffic, Flamescent, Sparklelite

lamps are available, and we can mfg. to same specs, same quality, private label

Duro-Test Lighting - Factory Direct Replacements for Duro-Test Lighting products!  Duro-Test has closed, however, we can mfg.

Duro-Test lamps manufactured with same specs, and quality! 

Email or call with code number, description, and quantity for quote.

Duro-Test Traffic Lamps Code Beacon - Vita-Lite - Duro-Test Lighting, Duro-Test Lighting * (excellent for color matching, Graphic Industry, TV Studios, Photography) Daylight 65 * Duro-Test Code Beacon Lamps * Duro-Test Decorative Lamps * Duro-Test Traffic Lamps * Flamescent * Sparklelite * Code Beacon

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