5 - PureLite, Chromalux, Verilux Neodymium Daylight Bulbs PureLite BulbsPureLite, Chromalux, Verilux Incandescent Natural Daylight (Neodymium) Bulbs are recommended Purelite for general lighting needs. Do not use PureLite for color matching. Purelite and Chormalux - The color of light these lamps produce is closer to natural light since Neodymium filters out the yellow spectrum. Purelite - Chormalux replacements.

The overall light output of the Purelite Neodymium is superior to standard incandescent bulbs because the yellow tone is filtered out. Other options for more energy efficient natural lighting are's Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, Color Temperature 5000K, 85 CRI, Energy Star rated, and our best full spectrum Vita-Lite Spiralux. PureLite bulbs are available in a broad range of sizes and wattages, and have dependable construction with filaments resistant to shock and vibration. Purelite are 120 volt, with a nickel-placed brass base, and the average life is 5000 hours.  PureLite is similar to GE - Reveal, Chromalux, etc. Now stocking Verilux brand natural lights, and Lumiram Chromalux. 

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