Dental Lighting - Vita-Lite - Dental Lighting with Vita-Lite Full Spectrum BulbsUse Vita-Lite full-spectrum lighting in your dental office or lab to accurately decipher colors for prosthetic tooth matching and more.

Color is reflected light. No matter what color-matching method you use, you need the proper lighting for the tedious and time consuming work of matching a bridge or crown.
Vita-Lite light bulbs are the best full spectrum light for color matching - Neutral white light 5500K, 91 CRI.  Others at 5900K or above have blue tone and distort true color.

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Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Light Bulbs Circline Bulbs are also available.

Excellent for all types of medical lighting for labs, exam rooms, hospitals, etc.  NEW LED Natural Lighting Fixtures.
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