1 - Vita-Lite, Vita-Brite, Tru-Lite, Ott-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting Vita-Lite (Vitalite by Duro-Test, and New Vita-Brite) Full Spectrum Lighting*** VITA-LITE, TRU-LITE, VITA-BRITE - NO FREIGHT CHARGE WITH ORDER OF 4 CASES 
Vita-Lite, Vita-Brite®, Tru-Lite, Ott-Lite® Natural Light full spectrum day light bulbs can Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting your business like no other conventional fluorescent light bulb because full spectrum day light bulbs simulate the crisp, full spectrum, full color and ultraviolet spectrum of natural outdoor light.  Natural Lighting Full Spectrum Day Light Lighting, Vita-Lite light bulbs - THE ORIGINAL FULL SPECTRUM BULB DEVELOPED FOR DR OTT, Ott-Lite! - Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting - The best natural full spectrum light bulbs for work environment.  Why settle for inferior brands - most full spectrum light bulbs loose up to 40% of their light levels within one year.
              Vita-Lite, NaturesSunlite™, Vita-Brite,True-Lite
                                (True-Lite MADE IN USA!)
Vita-Lite full spectrum day lights are natural full spectrum day light fluorescent light bulbs are guaranteed (User Hours, Not Average Hours).  Vita-Lite natural full spectrum day light lighting can reduce maintenance and electrical costs, and increase your bottom line.  Full Spectrum lighting is the best lighting for artists, hobbies, crafts, sewing, wood working shop, home, office, shop, automotive painting, SAD - Seasonal Affective Discorder. 
* Note: Duro-Test, Vita-Lite closed, we have a former Vita-Lite engineer on staff,
and custom mfg. full spectrum bulbs to Vita-Lite specifications.*

Full spectrum, full color, natural day light can reduce fatigue, glare and eye strain from VDT Screens, and portrays true colors.  Vita-Lite natural full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs are more pleasant, natural, bright, and stimulating.  We have many customers using natural lighting fluorescent light bulbs for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), excellent for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) students.  Natural full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs are the only choice for offices (excellent natural full spectrum ergonomic lighting), schools, stores, factories, banks, and dental facilities, artists, painters, picture framing, arts and crafts, sewing, wood working, etc. - the best sun light simulating lighting for all indoor pets; birds, reptiles, fresh water aquariums, and grow light for plants. Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting Vita-Lite - Durotest Full Spectrum Lighting

*** See Full Spectrum Lighting Section for other full spectrum light bulbs -

Warm White                     Cool White                  Noon Day Sun Light                          Day Light (Blue Tone)

                                           5500K  -  Best Full Spectrum Lighting

This category contains 3 subcategories

2 - Full Spectrum Ergonomic Desk, Floor Lamps, Tensor Light Bulbs Ergonomic Desk and Floor LampsIn a recent survey of 1000 office workers, Full Spectrum Ergonomic Desk and Floor Lamps indicated good ergonomic lighting affected their personal comfort a great deal. Eyestrain, eye dryness, and vision fatigue are among the major causes of headaches in the workplace. Headaches are estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $17 billion annually in lost productivity. Lighting, which accounts for approximately 1% of office costs, has a major impact on the office cost-center, 85% of which is made up of employee costs. Improve work environment, fewer employee complaints, and provide the best ergonomic lighting. - Ergonomic lighting (full spectrum lighting) is one of the most cost effective upgrades - increase in productivity and excellent return on investment.Ergonomic Lighting can increase employee productivity at a relatively low cost.

Our full spectrum lamps have true full spectrum bulbs (5500K - Noon Day Light), 91-96 CRI - Color Rendering Index). Most companies use standard bulbs - 6500K (blue white) with 80-85 CRI, and use the terms natural spectrum day light spectrum, or do not indicate exact specifications of the bulb. SEE BETTER, FEEL BETTER, PERFORM BETTER. *** Replacement light bulbs for most Tensor and Catalina Lighting desk and floor lamps. New BlueWave FML 55 watt, PL 13, FML 18, 27 watt fluorescent light bulbs for Tensor lamps. Tensor Lamps - We have replacement bulbs for all Tensor desk and floor lamps. Tensor replacement bulbs - halogen, fluorescent.

** Replacement bulbs for Sunpentown, Lumiram, Ecolume, Tensor, and more.

This category contains 1 subcategory

3 - Deluxe Desk and Floor Lamps

Deluxe desk and floor lamps, similar to Sharper Image lamps they used to offer.

4 - Full Spectrum Vita-Lite Replacements, Natural Day Light NaturesSunlite™, Fluorescent, LED

Vita-Lite Replacements - Full Spectrum Natural Day Light Fluorescent Bulbs and's exclusive NaturesSunlite -- 5500K, 96 CRI.'s Full Spectrum Natural Day Light Fluorescent Bulbs (Naturessunlite™) product offering includes a variety of full spectrum bulbs ranging from 6 Watt to 200 Watt (T5, T6, T8, T12, PL twin tube, screw in compact fluorescent, Flat Quad, etc.) NEW - LED Full Spectrum (5500K): MR11 - 2 watt, MR16 - 3 to 6 watts, PAR 20- 8 watt, PAR 30 - 11 to 18 watts.'s Full Spectrum Day Light Bulbs include exclusive full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs (screw in and plug in).

Please call for specific brands, etc. Voltarc, Prolume, NaturesSunlite, Eiko, etc.





This category contains 11 subcategories

5 - PureLite, Chromalux, Verilux Neodymium Daylight Bulbs PureLite BulbsPureLite, Chromalux, Verilux Incandescent Natural Daylight (Neodymium) Bulbs are recommended Purelite for general lighting needs. Do not use PureLite for color matching. Purelite and Chormalux - The color of light these lamps produce is closer to natural light since Neodymium filters out the yellow spectrum. Purelite - Chormalux replacements.

The overall light output of the Purelite Neodymium is superior to standard incandescent bulbs because the yellow tone is filtered out. Other options for more energy efficient natural lighting are's Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, Color Temperature 5000K, 85 CRI, Energy Star rated, and our best full spectrum Vita-Lite Spiralux. PureLite bulbs are available in a broad range of sizes and wattages, and have dependable construction with filaments resistant to shock and vibration. Purelite are 120 volt, with a nickel-placed brass base, and the average life is 5000 hours.  PureLite is similar to GE - Reveal, Chromalux, etc. Now stocking Verilux brand natural lights, and Lumiram Chromalux. 

PureLite PDF Catalog





Verilux Natural Spectrum technology is at the center of their healthy lighting products. Verilux vision products include Verilux task lamps which make it dramatically easier to see with clarity, comfort and ease. Verilux light therapy products include lifestyle Verilux lamps that provide essential light to improve and maintain ones overall health and well-being. Verilux Decor products include bulbs and tubes that improve the appearance of home interiors and boost productivity at the office. Complete line of Verilux products - Verilux Desk Lamps, Verilux Floor Lamps, Verilux HappyLight, Verilux HappyLite Mini Ultra, Verilux Rise & Shine , Verilux ClearWave Deluxe.

7 - Tensor, Catalina, Vison Max, First Street, QVC, Dazor, Sunpentown, Full Spectrum Solutions Replacement Bulbs


OTT LIGHT, SUNPENTOWN Replacement Bulbs. 

Replacement bulbs for Tensor, Vision Max, Catalina, First Street, QVC, Dazor, Ott Light, Sunpentown, Full Spectrum Solutions, desk and floor lamps.  Rhine Ballast RB-FLA42/32/26 replacement.  Replacement ballasts are available for some models.   Note: Color Temperature (K) for some of Tensor bulbs was 6400K - Day Light.  New BlueWave™ FML 55 watt (FML55), full spectrum replacements.  


Grow Lights - Horticulture specializes in all types of grow lights for indoor gardening, plants, greenhouses, and hydroponic gardening. Grow Lights - High output compact fluorescents, HO - T5 and new T6 HO fluorescent lamps. Authorized Dealer - Sunlight Supply Grow Lights.  Grow Lights - Conversion kits for T8 and T12 fixtures, upgrade fixture to HO - T6, 48" lamps, T5 technology without the high cost! CHECK OUT OUR NEW HIGH OUTPUT (NEXT GENERATION COMPACT FLUORESCENT) LVD LAMPS AND FIXTURES - 300 WATTS = 18,000 TO 20,000 LUMENS, 50,000 HOUR LIVE!
This category contains 19 subcategories

Air Purification / Indoor Air Quality

Air Purification - Ultraviolet air purification systems, available for central systems, and portable units, fixtures, ballasts, and UVC replacement bulbs.  Dust Free, Bio-Fighter, Sterilight, Sun-Aire™.  Honey Well ballast repacements.
This category contains 8 subcategories

Assisted Living Lighting

Assisted Living Lighting - Lighting for Assited Living, Nursing Homes, Elderly Care.  Lighting is a significant benefit for Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Elderly Care facilities.  Most residents are indoors 24 hours a day and lack essential sun light.    The following list includes the best for full spectrum lighting for residents.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Assisted Living, Nursing Homes - REDUCE ENGERY COSTS

Assisted Living Faciliites, Multi-Tenant Elderly Care, Elderly Day Care, Nursing Homes, Shared Housing, etc. specilizes in all types of Energy Saving Products for ederly care facilities.  Additionally, our full spectrum lighting is used by many faciliites to help with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), etc. since many tenants are unable to be outside and get sufficient natural lighting.  We have several ederly care facilities that use our products and all report excellent results.   We will have complete list of products typically used in elderly care facilties.




Automotive Lighting Cars and Trucks- Under Contruction. 

LED light bulbs and accessories.

Email Auto Specs for complet list of Interior and Exterior light bulbs.

Email - Make, Year, Model




Ballasts, Workhorse Ballasts, Sunpark Ballasts, Rhine, Antron Ballasts - BallastsBallasts for all types of fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps, metal halide, HPS, etc. Up to 5 year manufacturer warranty. Workhorse ballasts are excellent for use with freezers - temperatures: Low -20 F (-30 C), High -158 F (70 C). Other ballasts include Sunpark Ballasts, Radionic, Workhorse Ballasts - WorkHorse Ballasts (replacement for Anthony Freezer Ballasts), Fulham Ballasts- LongHorse, Fulham Ballasts - RaceHorse, Fulham Workhorse Ballasts - WHAM, Fulham Ballasts - Highhorse, Fulham Workhorse Ballasts - Pony, Advance, Universal, Antron, ACE, Sylvania, Rhine - RB-FLA42/32/26, Lutron, Lutron Dimming Ballasts, and GE. If the product you require is not listed, please call toll free 888-900-6830 (281-559-4900 locally) or send email to Please note that manufacturers generally recommend specific ballasts for specific lamps. Please consult with the manufacturer to assure ballast and lamp compatiblity.

The recommendations from are based on data from manufacturers. Choice of ballast is the customer's sole responsibility. Please call for questions about use and/or compatibility of products. We can direct you to technical help with various manufacturers.

!! We recommend using rapid start or programmed start electronic ballasts with end of life protection be used for all compact fluorescent lamps. Program start for T5, T8, T10, and T12 is recommended for areas that are turned off and on multiple times a day. The program start will extend lamp life. Contact us for quantity discounts.

This category contains 24 subcategories

Bird Lighting, Chickens, Reptile Lighting, Pet Lighting

Bird Lighting, Chicken Lighting -  Full Spectrum Lighting for Birds


Full Spectrum Lighting for Birds, Bird Health Lighting, Chicken Lighting, Reptile Lighting, Indoor Pets. specializes in full spectrum lighting for birds, reptiles, aquariums, exotic animals, and all indoor pets.  Vita-Lite - FOR ALL LIVING THINGS - offers balanced UVA and UVB, essential for growth, health, Vitamin D, and reproduction.  Other items include all types of fixtures (8" to 48"), electronic flicker free ballasts, and components. Bird Lighting, Reptile Lighting, All Indoor Pet Lighting.  NaturesSunlite, Vita-Lite, Vita-Brite, NaturesSunlite™, Tru-Lite.  Vitabright.  Full Spectrum lights are excellent for all indoor pets, animals, raising chickens (helps with Vitamin D, can help reduce sickness, disease, increase egg production.

See Vita-Lite for birds

 Fixtures - All types of fixtures, strip 1 and 2 lamp, 18" to 48", electronic ballasts, etc.  See Interior fixtures -Product Catalog.   Interior Fixtures Product Catalog (pdf format, approx 1.9 MB).

Air Purifiers  - Eliminates odors, airborne viruses, bacteria, etc.  Portable, life time washable pre filter!

Desk and Floor Lamps 

 Click here to view PDF File

This category contains 3 subcategories

Compact Fluorescent

Naturallighting Compact Fluorescent BulbsCompact fluorescent light bulbs with medium and mogul screw in bases. Wattages range from mini 13 watt to 200 watt high output (voltage - 120, 220, 277, and 347). Color temperatures - Compact Fluorescent Bulbsinclude 2700K (warm tone), 4100K (Cool White), 5000K (Natural Day Light), 5500K (Full Spectrum Vita-Lite and SunPro Full Spectrum), and 6500K (Day Light).  TCP, Westinghouse, Maxlite Highmax, Ushio, Eiko. *** Special adaptors are available for socket sizes - Medium base to Mogul base, Mogul to Medium base.




View the PDF File



This category contains 29 subcategories

Compact Fluorescents - INDUCTION LAMPS

The Next Generation NO MERCURY - Electrodless Induction Technology. Ultra High Output Compact Fluorescent. Super Long Life (50,000 - 100,000 hours), ultra high output. The Induction 23 watt lamp replaces 40 watt (replaces 250-300 watt incandescent) to 200 watt. Excellent for all types of grow lights - replaces HPS and Metal Halide, REDUCES ENERGY COST AND HEAT!. * Lumens Per Watt - 80 lm/w * High Power Factor - >0.99 * Lumen Maintenance - 95% after 2000 hours * Working Frequency 230 khz * No electrodes, no filament to be damaged, tubes will not blacken. * Excellent for High Vibration areas * Minimal Heat, excellent for plant grow lights * Color Temperatures - 2700K to 6500K *  SPECIAL ORDER
This category contains 1 subcategory

Dental Lighting - Vita-Lite - Dental Lighting with Vita-Lite Full Spectrum BulbsUse Vita-Lite full-spectrum lighting in your dental office or lab to accurately decipher colors for prosthetic tooth matching and more.

Color is reflected light. No matter what color-matching method you use, you need the proper lighting for the tedious and time consuming work of matching a bridge or crown.
Vita-Lite light bulbs are the best full spectrum light for color matching - Neutral white light 5500K, 91 CRI.  Others at 5900K or above have blue tone and distort true color.

Read More >>Vita-Lite for Dental Offices or Labs (PDF format 156kb)

Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Light Bulbs Circline Bulbs are also available.

Excellent for all types of medical lighting for labs, exam rooms, hospitals, etc.  NEW LED Natural Lighting Fixtures.
This category contains 1 subcategory

Desk and Floor Lamps - Ergonomic Desk and Floor LampsThere is scientific evidence to suggest that lighting plays a critical role in the office environment. Ergonomic Lighting can increase employee productivity at a relatively low cost. Purchase a full spectrum Ergonomic Desk, Floor, or Clamp-On Lamp today and see how lighting makes a big difference.

Studies show that under good lighting people see better, work better, feel better and make fewer mistakes. Workers experience fewer headaches, greater eye comfort, and a feeling of general well being.  Our lamps include True Full Spectrum light bulbs 5500 Kelvin - (noon day light) and 96 - Color Rendering Index (sun light = 100). Most companies claim to have full spectrum, or use the terms natural spectrum, day light, natural day light, and do not indicate color temperature and color rendering index.  Most are 6000K - 6500K (blue tone) and 80 to 85 Color Rendering Index.

NEW ENERGY STAR RATED - Deluxe Cherry Wood Finish Desk and Floor lamps, Deluxe Burlwood Black Desk and Floor Lamps, Deluxe Brass Floor Lamp.



This category contains 3 subcategories

Duro-Test Lighting, Code Beacon

Duro-test Lighting - Code Beacon, Incandescent, traffic, Flamescent, Sparklelite

lamps are available, and we can mfg. to same specs, same quality, private label

Duro-Test Lighting - Factory Direct Replacements for Duro-Test Lighting products!  Duro-Test has closed, however, we can mfg.

Duro-Test lamps manufactured with same specs, and quality! 

Email or call with code number, description, and quantity for quote.

Duro-Test Traffic Lamps Code Beacon - Vita-Lite - Duro-Test Lighting, Duro-Test Lighting * (excellent for color matching, Graphic Industry, TV Studios, Photography) Daylight 65 * Duro-Test Code Beacon Lamps * Duro-Test Decorative Lamps * Duro-Test Traffic Lamps * Flamescent * Sparklelite * Code Beacon

This category contains 6 subcategories

Film, Photography, Graphics Film and Photography lighting, fixtures, and other related products. Exclusive compact fluorescent twin tube PL 55 watt Studio Supreme Day Light (5500K, 96 CRI - no green phosphor) Bulbs, Studio 3200K, 82 CRI. High quality lighting, similar to Kino Flo. Color-Matcher 50 - Meets Graphic Industry standards.

All types of fluorescent tubes 3000K, 3200K, 5000K, 5500K, 6500K. Electronic ballasts, Dimmining Ballasts. Do it yourself kits (ballasts, reflectors, lamps). All tpyes of fixtures, and tri pod stands. Browse these other categories for for additional film and photography lamp products Vita-Lite, 5500K, 91 CRI and Optima 32 and Optima 50.

This category contains 9 subcategories

Fixtures - Lighting FixturesNaturallighting carries many types of Interior and Exterior Fixture products including, Lights of America Exterior Security Light Fixtures, and energy efficient exterior light fixtures. Interior Fixture products include Vita-Lite Fixtures with Bulbs, Custom Made Strip Fixtures, Surface Mount or Hang Fixtures, Hood Ceiling Mount or Hang Fixtures, and corrosion proof fluorescent fixtures designed for parking garages, food handling areas, cold storage, and applications where bugs, vapors, moisture, and dirt are a problem.

For Custom Made Strip Fixtures complete the Special Order Email Form, or call toll free 888-900-6830, local 281-486-9583 for pricing, product details, and additional fixture products offered by


This category contains 9 subcategories

Fluorescent Fluorescent BulbsNaturallighting carries a large selection of fluorescent bulbs - Circline, Day Light Plus, Optima, Aurora V, Triten, SuperBrite and more, for home, office, warehouse,  factory, and other lighting requirements. We can supply lamps from all major lighting companies - Sylvania, GE, Philips, Ushio,Voltarc, and more.  We also custom manufacture any type of fluorescent lamp - linear, compact fluorescent, ultraviolet, etc.

Fluorescent bulbs produce less heat which makes them more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. A fluorescent bulb produces between 50 and 100 lumens per watt, making them 4 to 6 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. This explains why you can purchase a 15 watt fluorescent bulb that produces the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

This category contains 24 subcategories

Germicidal Ultraviolet UVC, Air / Water Purification - Ultraviolet Germicidal Ultra UV LampsGermicidal ULTRA-UV (UVC) Ultraviolet Lamps emit energy at 254 nm and 185 nm, the ultraviolet wavelengths most effective in the destruction of bacteria, viruses, spores, and other chemical bonds. designs and manufactures Ultraviolet ULTRA-UV lamps to fit most common ultraviolet systems in use today for waste water disinfection, TOC reduction, Ozone generation, ground water remediation, and other applications where energy at 254 nm or 185 nm is required.

Ultraviolet Lamp lengths range 5.5 inches to 72 inches (T5, T8, T10, PL biax twin tube), and length measurement is from outside of one base to the oustide of the other base, not including the pins. also designs and manufactures the proper ultraviolet power supply (electronic ballast) that enables the lamp to operate at peak efficiency and performance.'s Ultraviolet ULTRA-UV lamps emit the highest UVC output of PL Twin Tube Biax Quartz Lamps on the market. When combined with Naturallighting's exclusive ultraviolet strip fixtures, these lamps produce the most compact lighting systems available.
Ultraviolet Germicidal UV output range is 185 to 254 nm, products include both Ozone and Non-ozone producing lamps, and a variety of end configurations including wire leads, 4 Pin, Bi Pin and Slimline, Eletronic Ballasts power lamps with current from 180 to 850 mA, sleeves can be custom cut in a variety of diameters to meet any requirement. UVC Ballasts - OEM, Private Label, or custom mfg. Lightwave Ballasts, Roberston, Advance, Calutech Replacement Bulbs, Lennox, Honeywell.
Ultraviolet applications include drinkiing water, photochemistry, wastewater, phototherapy, labratory/research, air conditioning systems, medical facilities, hospitals, office buildings, dermatology, pharmaceutical facilities, clean rooms, food processing facilities, material packaging facilities, pool and spa purification, and sterilization/disinfection.

Ultraviolet Germicidal (UVC) Lamps kill airborne mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses, and can significantly reduce the use of chemicals when using Ozone Pool and Spa Purifiers.    WARNING - Ultraviolet radiation output of these lamps is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause damage. Protect your eyes and skin against ultraviolet rays.

Replacements lamps for all brands of UV systems (air / water):  Atlantic Ultraviolet, American UV, Honeywell, Lennox, Calutech, Goodman,Carrier Light Sources, GE, Sanko Denki, Higuchi, and Philips.

If a bulb is not listed, email mfg, specifications, and quantity.

We also custom mfg., OEM any type of UVC lamp and ballast.

This category contains 23 subcategories


Coming Soon - New website with all green products and green living - home, office, LEED Certified for construction, renewable energy, etc. Thinking about going GREEN?  We offer consulting services to determine what you have and best options for improving home, work, schools, medical facilities, retail (increase sales with full spectrum lighting) office, shop environment. Improve ergonomics, helps reduce eye strain, glare, fatigue, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), increase productivity.  One of the first areas to look at is lighting - not many green options offer improvement in quality and type of light, and reducing energy costs! THINK GREEN AND GO GREEN NOW!

Graphic & Printing Lamps

Graphic & Printing Lamps. Vita-Lite, Duro-Test Color Matcher, Duro-Test Optima 50, Diazo Specialty Lamps. Under Construction - email make, model, item number, and quantity for price quote.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality - Improve the quality of the indoor air in your home, office/commerial, industrial, hospital, medical facilities, clubs/bars, and extend the life of your heating and cooling system with our indoor air quality products. Maybe you need a humidifier to help add moisture, or a ventilator to exchange fresh air with stale indoor air, or an electronic or media air filter to clean and remove indoor air contaminants, or even an ultraviolet light to eliminate germs and bacteria from your indoor air. Air cleaners help keep your system operating efficiently by removing particles that may hinder the performance of the system that you have installed. All Goodman brand indoor air quality products are covered by some of the best warranties in the heating and cooing industry. Wholehouse electronic and Hepa air filters for central heating and air conditioning systems - residential and commercial. Combine the electronic, hepa, and ultraviolet purifer for the ultimate air quality control system! Also see our Articles Section - Indoor Air Quality, using plants to purify indoor air.

Light Therapy - Light Therapy ProductsSunPro Supreme Bright Light Box, 10000 LUX - Item No. SPLB - Light Therapy ProductsSunPro Portable Bright Light Box, 10000 LUX - Item No. SPP55 - Light Therapy ProductsSunPro Supreme High Output Fixture - Item No. SPHOF - Light Therapy Products












*** Save Money and create your own ligt box.  We have all types of fixtures that use our full spectrum bulbs.  One of the most cost effective is a 4 lamp, 48" surface mount fixture.  Dimming available for 32 watt 48" and new HO T5/T6 - 48".  See our fixture page.  Call to discuss.  Majority of light boxes on the market are overpriced, and use standard fluorescent bulbs.  

SAVE MONEY - DO IT YOUR SELF! to inquire about or order these products:
Phone: 281.559.4900


Note: makes no medical claims and it is recommended to consult your physician or therapist on how to use light therapy.

NaturesSunlite™ Club Membership

NaturesSunlite™ Club Membership

Exclusive Club for specials, discounts, new product announcements. 

Annual Membership Cost - $10.00. 


5% Discount - Order Amount -  $25.00 - $150.00

8% Discount - Order Amount - $151.00 - $299.00

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12% Discount - Order Amount - $501.00 - $1000.00

15% Discount - Order Amount $1000.00 - $1500.00


* Discount Codes will be emailed after membership is paid.

Non Transferable, Can Not Cancel

Subject to changes with notice.

Sockets & Connectors - Sockets and ConnectorsNaturallighting carries sockets for many types of Fluorescent, Incandescent, Metal Halide, HPS (High Pressure Sodium), Circline, Compact Fluorescent, RDC - Recessed Double Cathode (HO, VHO) and other bulbs ranging from T5 to T12 Bi Pin, 4 Pin, to medium and mogul screw in base. also carries Quick Connect Wire Connectors. 
Mfg - Kulka, Gaynor, Etlin Daniels, and many more.
Call or email for quote - Mfg, Item #, Quantity.

Inquiry Form: Product Inquiry Form
Custom Orders:
Special Order Form
Local 281.559.4900
Toll Free 888-900-6830

This category contains 10 subcategories

Solar Products Solar Products solar and environmentally safe solar products for your convenience. Reduce your electricity requirements with solar products that require no utility supplied power.

We will add new products soon, so please bookmark this page and visit regularly for new additions of energy saving sun-powered products. Email for more information.


This category contains 4 subcategories

UVC Decontamination For Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Medical, Hospitals, Government

UVC Decontamination For Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Medical, Hospitals, Government

UVC Germicial Decontamination - Infections, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Medical, Hospitals, Government

UVC Germicidal Decontamination For Infections, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold

Excellent for Medical, Hospitals, Residental, Commerial / Industrial Buildings, Remote Decontamination Facilities / Rooms, Outside Units, etc. 

ULTRAVIOLET C (UVC - 254 nm) is one on the most effective ways to help reduce, eliminate Viruses, Bacteria, Mold (Airborne, Surfaces, etc.).  Fixtures available for residential, commercial, medical, hospital, office buildings, portable units.   High Output (ULTRAUV™) UVC lamps, Ozone lamps (185 - 254 nm) and fixtures which can increase overall effective cleaning.

Options include Ozone lamps which can increase overall decontamination of airborne and surface contamination.



Work Lights, LED, Fluorescent - Emergency/Rescue Lighting, Designers Edge Work LightsWork Lights, LED and Fluorescent - Energy Star Fluorescent Work Lights (Regent Lighting, Designers Edge) save up to 84% in energy costs compared to Halogen Work Lights. The work lights are for use where there is low energy supply for remote locations, emergency lighting, rescue lighting, and portable power supplies where there is limited power.  These work lights are excellent for enclosed areas due to low heat output. Compared to Halogen that has yellow light, our fluorescent work lights have a bright white light (6500K, 85 CRI) for increased seeability and color.  Regent Lighting, Designers Edge.

These Fluorescent Work Lights include fluorescent bulbs with user hours that last 13 times longer than Halogen. The work lights feature instant on, fluorescent work lights have no flicker electronic ballasts, and the work lights operate in sub-zero temperatures. All work lights are excellent for use in wet locations because they are completely sealed and moisture proof. A clear poylcarbonate lens cover protects the bulb from moisture and damage. Work Lights are excellent for all types of shops, industrial, automotive repair, detailing, home/garage, contractors, interior finishing, etc.  Fluorescent Work Lights.

Excellent for emergency lighting and rescue lighting where power is limited.
Regent Lighting replacement bulbs - FML55W, FML65W.   

Replacement bulbs for Regent Lighting, Designers Edge.


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