LED Replacement for High & Low Bay Metal Halide 400 watt

LED Replacement for High & Low Bay Metal Halide 250 watt and 400 watt.  Natural Day Light 5000K, LED Watts - 115 and 150, Voltage: 208 - 277 volt, Lumens: 10,000, 14,000, Life : 50,000 hrs.  NO MERCURY 

Ultra Low Labor Cost and Easy Installation.  No need to bypass ballast. Simply screw in.

Less Heat, More Savings.
Produces less heat versus metal halide and helps reduce air conditioning costs.
Superior Light Maintenance.
Light output lasts significantly longer over metal halide. Stays brighter, longer.
Instant On and Instant Restrike.
Bulb instantly turns on when you need it. Waiting periods are eliminated.
5 year warranty

*** For use with M59 and M155 metal halide ballasts only. Ballast must be in operating condition. Do not bypass ballast or install into a previously bypassed ballast. Do not install into a high pressure sodium or mercury vapor ballast. Not designed for horizontal installation, dimming and dusk to dawn applications or electronic ballasts. Do not install into ballasts to replace less than 250 watts or more than 400 watts. Not for totally enclosed fixtures. Dry use only. Suitable for both E39 and EX39 mogul bases.