2 - Full Spectrum Ergonomic Desk, Floor Lamps, Tensor Light Bulbs Ergonomic Desk and Floor LampsIn a recent survey of 1000 office workers, Full Spectrum Ergonomic Desk and Floor Lamps indicated good ergonomic lighting affected their personal comfort a great deal. Eyestrain, eye dryness, and vision fatigue are among the major causes of headaches in the workplace. Headaches are estimated to cost U.S. businesses more than $17 billion annually in lost productivity. Lighting, which accounts for approximately 1% of office costs, has a major impact on the office cost-center, 85% of which is made up of employee costs. Improve work environment, fewer employee complaints, and provide the best ergonomic lighting. - Ergonomic lighting (full spectrum lighting) is one of the most cost effective upgrades - increase in productivity and excellent return on investment.Ergonomic Lighting can increase employee productivity at a relatively low cost.

Our full spectrum lamps have true full spectrum bulbs (5500K - Noon Day Light), 91-96 CRI - Color Rendering Index). Most companies use standard bulbs - 6500K (blue white) with 80-85 CRI, and use the terms natural spectrum day light spectrum, or do not indicate exact specifications of the bulb. SEE BETTER, FEEL BETTER, PERFORM BETTER. *** Replacement light bulbs for most Tensor and Catalina Lighting desk and floor lamps. New BlueWave FML 55 watt, PL 13, FML 18, 27 watt fluorescent light bulbs for Tensor lamps. Tensor Lamps - We have replacement bulbs for all Tensor desk and floor lamps. Tensor replacement bulbs - halogen, fluorescent.

** Replacement bulbs for Sunpentown, Lumiram, Ecolume, Tensor, and more.

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