Circline Fluorescent Bulbs & Ballasts Circline Fluorescent BulbsCircline 22 Watt to 40 Watt Fluorescent Bulbs. Colors include 2800K Warm White, 4100K Cool White, 6500K Daylight, and 5500K Full Spectrum, 91 CRI (same as Vita-Lite). Use with Circline 22 Watt, 32 Watt, and 54 Watt Screw-in Adaptor Item No's CAD22, CAD32, and CAD54.

Product offering includes new high output 22 Watt and 32 Watt Full spectrum Plus Circline Fluorescent Bulbs, Item No's. C215 and C315.

NEW T5 - 22 WATT CIRCLINE BULBS - AVAILABLE IN FULL SPECTRUM 5500K, 91 CRI AND DAY LIGHT 6500K, 85 CRI! Ballasts are also available - the Sunpark #SP-SL15T) will operate 2 bulbs (one - 22 watt circline and one 32 watt circline). See Ballast section, or page 2 of this section. Circline ballasts.
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