Day Light Plus Fluorescent Tubes - 6500K - Day Light Plus Fluorescent TubesDay Light Plus Fluorescent Tubes. Low cost "Day Light" bulbs are excellent general purpose fluorescent tubes for lighting applications in retail stores, convenience stores, offices, warehouses, garages, etc. Color temperature is 6500K - Blue White tone.

Significant improvement over standard warm white and cool fluorescent tubes. Increase seeability, light levels, and improve product display, by changing to Day Light Plus. Day Light Plus fluorescent tubes have a high color temperature, and low CRI (Color Rendering Index). We have one Day Light (Daylite 65 - Durotest) which is full spectrum - CRI - 92. These fluorescent tubes are NOT RECOMMENDED for critical color areas or businesses that require color matching. For areas where color matching is critical, try Vita-Lite fluorescent tubes.

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