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Black Light - 350 nm

The Black Light lamps emit highly concentrated radiation between 315 nm and 400 nm (at peak 350-352 nm). Other specifications are similar to those of general fluorescent lamps for illumination. They are used for trapping insects, luring lamps, photosensitization and photochemical reactions.  * UV LIGHTING MUST BE USED IN SPECIFIC FIXTURES, AND IS HARMFUL TO EYES.
Available in following sizes:  F4T5BL, F6T5BL, F8T5BL, F12T8BL (1" x 11.65"), F15T8BL, F17T8BL, F20T10BL, F25T8BL, F30T8, F40T12BL, FB15T8BL, and FUL15BL, FUL18BL, FUL40T10BL.   Case quantity discounts available.