LightWave UV Ballasts

LightWave Ballasts - Ultraviolet UVC Ballasts.  LightWave: Electronic ballasts for standard, High Output (HO) and Amalgan Germicidal UV lamps. LightWave: PowerUV Max - 90 watt to 300 watt, High output & Amalgan Lamps (800 mA to 2 A), Dual lamps or single lamp operation, universal & Dedicated input voltage, options - power on LED, and lamp out Buzzer. LightWave:Power UV Standard - 50 watt to 90 watt High ouput & standard lamps (800 mA & 425 mA), dual or single lamp operation, universal & dedicated input voltage, options - power on Led, and Lamp out buzzer. Under Construction.  Call or email for availability and pricing for other LightWave ballast, include model number. ** See Do It Yourself componets and accessories for making your our UVC purification units.  **  REPLACEMENTS FOR ALL MAJOR BRANDS:  Honeywell, Lennox, Dustfree, Watergroup, UVDI, Philips, Paramount Pool, Lightsources Inc., First Light USA, Sanuvox, Bio UV, Totsuken, Melde, Trojan Technologies, Sterilight.

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