Central Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet air purifiers by BioFighter, Ultra-UV, Sterillaire for central air conditioning units.  Most effective high output UVC purifiers on market, which is placed adjacent to the evaporator coil.   Residential and Commercial Use, and increases AC performance.  Protect your home, classrooms and buildings and its occupants from: MOLDS: mold products, spores, toxins and other "allergens," BACTERIA:  legionella, tuberculosis, staph and strep;  VIRUSES: colds and flu - chicken pox and measles;  ODORS: mildew, "dirty sock syndrome," decay and other volatile organic compounds. Steril-Aire UVC products Kill infectious diseases, including bioterrorism contaminates (anthrax).  Details of system must be forwarded to us for proper selection of fixtures to insure correct or desired Kill is achieved.