Sun Aire - Portable Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Portable Ultraviolet Air PurifiersThe Sun Aire™ Portable Air Purifier destroys macro and micro organisms such bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungi and more, with a UVC light bulb. This air purifier relieves allergy and asthma symptoms, and neutralizes offensive odors such as smoke, pet, cooking, chemical, carpet, paint, and solvents. There is no expensive filter to handle, dispose of, or replace. Energy use is equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb, and it plugs into any 110/120 outlet. Easy ON/OFF switch. Breathe easier with CLEAN, FRESH air. The Sun Aire is portable, so take it with you anywhere.

How Do SUN AIRE Purifiers WORK? Room air is pre filtered as it enters the unit. The air is circulated around an ultra-violet, anti-germicidal lamp. The air is "energized" into allotropic oxygen, using a COOL, SAFE, PHOTON PROCESS! The "energized" air is blown out the front of the machine and enters your INDOOR AIR ENVIRONMENT, seeking out contaminates in every NOOK and CRANNY. When the "energized oxygen" comes into contact with a particulare, pathogen, or gas, the activated atoms attach themselves to the contaminate. If the contaminate is a gas, it changes its molecular structure and if the contaminate is a particle, it is oxidized. POINT-OF-CONTACT is the KEY to SUN AIRE SUCCESS. UVC bulbs must be replaced once a year, and units come with a one year factory warranty.  

How Sun Aire" UV Purifiers Work
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