Ultraviolet Purifiers, Bio-Fighter, Dust Free, Sun Aire™, Luminor Environmental

Ultraviolet air, Dust Free, Bio-Fighter, Atlantic Ultraviolet, Sun Aire™, and Luminor Environmental (residential, commercial, industrial) water purifiers for residential and commercial use. The first patented central ultraviolet air purifiers by Sterilaire installed at the evaporator coil, and kills mold, bacteria, and viruses.  Increase AC efficiency without having to chemically clean coil.  Portable ultraviolet air purifiers by Sun Aire", cool, safe, photon UVC lamp.  Ultraviolet water purifiers range from 0.5 gpm to large commercial purifiers for water treatment plants.  The one and only Water Machine - the ultimate water filter and purifier (carbon filter, ultraviolet, and ozone), all in one super compact design.  Sterilight Pool and Spa Ozone purifies water naturally, reduces chemical use. We are factory direct distributor for Sterilight, email for questions and pricing on any of their products.   Ultraviolet replacement bulbs for almost all types of air and water purifiers.  Most manufacturers use standard UVC lamps, which are all available at low prices.  ** Available in 120 volt or 220 volt **


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