Standard Spiral Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Standard Spiral Compact Fluorescent BulbsCompact Fluorescent light bulbs can Standard Spiral Compact Fluorescent Light  Bulbs energy costs up to 80%, and light bulbs last 10 to 13 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

13 to 55 watt availability. 2700K Warmtone, 5000K Natural Light, 6500K Day Light, CRI 85 (Sunlight=100).

New 15 watt mini and 55 watt high output spirals available. Majority of light bulbs are Energy Star approved. 120 volt (110-130 volt), electronic ballasts (50-60 hz), rated at 8000 to 10000 hours, special order 220-240 volt bulbs. Email Naturallighting Sales for additional color temps 3500K, 4100K.

Replacement Comparison: Compact Fluorescent Equivalent to Incandescent
15 watt compact = 70 watt incandescent
20 watt compact = 85 watt incandescent
23 watt compact = 100 watt incandescent
30 watt compact = 125 watt incandescent
40 watt compact = 150 watt incandescent
55 watt compact = 240 watt incandescent

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