Tru-Lite - Vita-Lite Replacment Linear Bulbs 12" to 48" MADE IN USA

Tru-Lite - Vita-Lite Replacment - 12" to 48"  MADE IN USA!

Enhance lighting atmosphere and environment that is crisp, clear and inviting.     Elimination of glare, distortion and reduced eye strain, fatigue, etc.
Achieve higher employee morale and less absenteeism.
Accurate color & shade matching plus added sparkle and brightness.
Natural outdoor light 24-hours a day.
Increased Sales with Natural Day Light!

Tru-Lite (Vita-Lite Replacement) natural day light full spectrum lighting can reduce maintenance and electrical costs, and increase your bottom line.  Full Spectrum lighting is the best lighting are artists, hobbies, crafts, sewing, home, office, shop, automotive painting, wood working, grow lights, schools, classrooms, retail, medical, dental, artists, painters wood working,SAD - Seasonal Affective Discorder. Natural Day Light Lighting.  Excellent for all types of shops, wood working shops, detail work areas, inspections, etc.


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