T8, T10, T12 Electronic Rapid Start Ballasts

Electronic Rapid Start Ballasts - T8, T10, T12 bulbs. There are two types of electronic ballasts lamps. One is Instant Start and Rapid or Program Start.  The Rapid Start or Program Start are typically better for lamps, and will maximize life and output of lamps. Rapid Start or Program Start will increase start up voltage slowly, Instant Start typically have very high start up voltage and will wear out lamps quicker. Also, the correct sockets must be used for Instant Start and Rapid Start or Program Start. Intant Start sockets have two wire ports on one side (if not a jumper wire will have to be added to other side). Rapid Start or Program Start Sockets have 4 wire ports (two for each pin). Additionally, the program start ballasts have end of life protection, circuit closes to lamp. Instant start do not close or turn off, and may cause problems with sockets and lamps.
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