Deluxe Wood Grain Floor Lamp (# NL800BBF)

Deluxe Wood Grain Floor Lamp. Adjustable Goose Neck. (Wood Grain is simulated plastic) Bright white light, high color rendering - shows true colors, simulates noon day light, flicker free, glare free. Reduce eyestrain, glare, and fatigue. Excellent for home, office, crafts, sewing, artists, and reading. Lamp Height - 48".  Lamp includes FML 27 watt, Natural Day Light 6500K, equivalent to 150 watt incandescent. We have FML 27 watt replacement 6500K, 85 CRI - Color Rendering Index (Item # - FML2765).  Our best full spectrum bulb is FML 27 watt, Noon Day Sun Light, 5500K, 96 CRI (Item # - FML2755).   
Price: $89.99


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  • NL800BBF
  • NL800BBF