7-VitaBright Full Spectrum F32T8, Case 30 - VBF32T8/C30 ON SALE

Naturallighting.com Day Light Plus Fluorescent TubesVitaBright Full Spectrum F32T8, 32 watt. 5500K, 91 CRI, 48", Lumens - 2700.  LOW MERCURY. VitaBright can be used in dimmable fixtures, however, life of bulb will be reduced, and there is no warranty for bulbs used in dimmable fixtures.  We recommend maximum dimming of 50% to extend life of bulb.  If using dimmable fixtures/ballast, should have compatible dimming switch recommended by ballast manufacturer.  Case qty 30.  (Item Number - VBF32T8/C30).  ON SALE!

Price: $300.00


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  • VBF32T8/C30
  • VBF32T8/C30