Tru-Lite F40T12, 48", Full Spectrum DISCONTINUED - TLF40T12 Vita-Lite Full Spectrum Lighting Tru-Lite Replacment for Vita-Lite T12, 48, 40 Watt (F40T12), Full Spectrum, Fluorescent Tube. 5500K, 92 CRI, 2200 Lumen, 20000 User Hours. Replaces the standard F40T12 lamp, and excellent for people, pets (birds, reptiles, etc.), grow light plants, artists, photography, graphics, and SAD - Seasonal Affective Discorder.  Natural light (noon day light sun light) with high CRI - 92 (Color Rendering Index), sunlight = 100 CRI.  Additional Handling fee required for small orders, all orders, double boxed for shipping. *** CALL OR EMAIL FOR SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY, GOVERNMENT, MILITARY, ETC. DISCOUNTS!  


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