Induction Screw In 40 watt, 5000K, 120 volt (# INS405120)

Induction Screw In 40 watt, 5000K, 120 volt (# INS405120)

This is a 40 watt self ballasted induction screw in u-shaped light bulb with a 120V ballast and a E26 medium base, 5000K.  This induction lamp can replace up to 100 watt high pressure sodium or 100 watt metal halide lamp.  These induction screw in bulbs are used to retrofit existing fixtures like (Metal Halide, HPS, and Mercury Vapor) wall packs, parking fixtures, and general lighting fixtures.  Induction bulbs are an excellent for reducing maintenance costs and energy savings.  The induction self ballasted bulbs have an average life of 60,000 hours.


Watts:                                   40 Watt
Color Temperature:              5000K - Natural Day Light
Type:                                    Self Ballasted Induction
Lumens:                               2800
Reduces Cost:                      Yes, Maintenance, AC
CRI:                                      >80 (RA)
Restrike:                               Instant
Flicker:                                  None
Glare:                                    None
Low Mercury:                        Yes
No Lamp Waste:                   10+ Years
Base:                                     E26 Medium Screw
Dimensions:                          L= 9.69", W= 4.53"
Case Size:                            12

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