3-Desk Lamp Natural Day Light 5000K, Gray * ON SALE * (# DLG27)

Ergonomic Natural Light Electronic Desk Lamp Gray (Item # DLG27).  Desk Lamp has fully adjustable goose neck (up/down, left/right).  Includes one FML 27 watt Natural Day Light Bulb (5000K or 6500K, 85 CRI).  Naturallighting.com Ergonomic Desk and Floor Lamps can help reduce eye strain, glare, and fatigue.  Height - 15".   Our best full spectrum bulb can be ordered separate (FM2755, 5500K 96 CRI).  Excellent for color matching, photography, desks and computers, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), plant lighting, and pet lighting.

** CLOSE OUT -  ON SALE **  

*** LIST PRICE $35.99! ***    


Price: $35.99


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  • DLG27
  • DLG27