NaturesSunlite™ Compact Fluorescent Quad (4 tube), FML 55 watt, 5500K (# PCQ5555)

NaturesSunlite™ Compact Fluorescent Quad - 55 watt, 5500K, 93 CRI.  Base - 4 pin square (Gy10q) Four Tube FML 55 watt. Will work in all lamps that use FML 55 watt bulbs! Length - 12.5", Width - 3.5". Lumens - 4,200.  MUST use rapid start or program start ballasts. Replacement for Full Spectrum Solutions 55 watt 4 tube.  Does not fit Sun Box light boxes, for standard 4 pin square bases for desk and floor lamps that use FML 55 watt 4 tube bulb! Item NaturesSunlite™ # PCQ5555. Replacement for UL 559155.  



Price: $50.00


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  • PCQ5555
  • PCQ5555