Spiral 2 Pin, 26 watt, Natural Day Light, First Street, Verilux Replacement (# CFS262PDL)

First Street Replacement for their 23 watt 2 pin Natural Day Light.  Spiral 26 watt, GU24 Base (two pin twist lock base). Color Temperature - 6000K (Kelvin Degrees), 85 CRI (Color Rendering Index).  This is special type compact fluorescent, and is self ballasted.  Therefore will work in lamps that use 23 watt bulbs.  Item # CFS262PDL.

This bulb also works in Verilux Lamps

  • Brookfield Deluxe Floor Lamp # VF08BN1, # VF08AB1
  • Legacy Floor and Desk Lamp with Opti
  • HappyLight 2500 Sunshine Supplement Light sytstem
  • HappyLight 2500 Energy Lamp
Price: $18.99


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  • CFS262PDL
  • CFS262PDL