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Natural Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting Vita-Lite Natural Lighting
Optima 32 and 50 have been discontinued, however, we have replacements.  Call or email for quote.  Durotest Optima 32 and Studio 32 (3200K, 82 CRI) and Optima 50 (5000K, 91 CRI). Optima 32 - warm tone, incandescent like light (excellent for Television studios, general purpose lighting, etc.).  Optima 50 - the best lamp for Graphics Arts Industry - printing, color matching (Color-Matcher 50 - 5000K, 90 CRI replacements). We also custom manufacture all types of 3200K, 82 CRI, and 5000K, 91 CR lamps (OEM, Private Label).  Email specifications and quantity requirements.   Call for quantity discounts and wholesale pricing.
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