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Natural Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting Vita-Lite Natural Lighting
The Next Generation NO MERCURY - Electrodless Induction Technology. Ultra High Output Compact Fluorescent. Super Long Life (50,000 - 100,000 hours), ultra high output. The Induction 23 watt lamp replaces 40 watt (replaces 250-300 watt incandescent) to 200 watt. Excellent for all types of grow lights - replaces HPS and Metal Halide, REDUCES ENERGY COST AND HEAT!. * Lumens Per Watt - 80 lm/w * High Power Factor - >0.99 * Lumen Maintenance - 95% after 2000 hours * Working Frequency 230 khz * No electrodes, no filament to be damaged, tubes will not blacken. * Excellent for High Vibration areas * Minimal Heat, excellent for plant grow lights * Color Temperatures - 2700K to 6500K *  SPECIAL ORDER
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