Power-Save 3200 - Commercial (200 Amp Inductive Load) (#PS3200)

Click here to edit this image.Power-Save 3200 - Commercial. Save up to 25% on your Commercial / Industrial Electric Bill! The Power-Save 3200 and 3400 reduce the amount of Inductive Load in Commercial and Industrial Environments. The Many Benefits of the Power-Save 3400 & Power-Save 3200 Include: * Lowers electric bills up to 25%! * Reduces electricity required by existing inductive loads (motors)! * Enhances capacity of existing electrical system! * Eliminates harmful power surges! * Protects appliances and sensitive electronic equipment! * Reduces harmful effects caused by electrical noise! * Power Factor Optimization! Rated for 200 Amp Inductive Load Features: Electrical Noise Reduction, Power Factor Optimization, Voltage Regulation. Call or email for quantity purchase discounts or wholesale/dealer pricing. ** Shipping cost - $25.00 per unit.
Price: $650.00


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  • PS3200
  • PS3200