UV Water Purifier - Counter/Under Sink (# UVWP100)

UV Water Purifier - Counter/Under Sink (# UVWP100)

Ultimate Water Purification - Ozone, Ultraviolet, and Carbon filter all in one unit.  Connects direct to faucet or under counter.

The UV countertop/under sink water purifier combines carbon filtration with germicidal UV lamp.  Effectively removes contaminants while improving taste and odor of drinking water. Installs to a sink's water faucet in minutes with the multi-purpose faucet connector.

UV filtration: with the ultraviolet radiation between 240 through 290 nanometer, UVC penetrates the outer structure of biological contaminants and alters their DNA molecule to destroy and prevent replication.  UVC technology is environmentally friendly and does not alter the taste, odor or pH value of the water.

Carbon filter: by using an unique technique of wet casting process to combine carbon granule with fibers, the carbon cartridge is capable of absorbing a high amount of chemical carcinogens.  Within the same amount of time, can remove 5 to 10 times more contaminants than traditional granular carbon filters or carbon blocks.  Also removes chlorine and lead while preserving beneficial minerals that are needed by the human body.

Features and Benefits

· 360-degree rotatable lead-free water outlet
· UV sterilizer with 99.99% efficiency
· Max water output at 5.7L/min
· energy saving & eco-friendly
· SGS inspected for purifying capability
· Hi-tech smart chip monitors water quality
· LED indicators for purifying status and time display
· Removes carcinogens while preserves necessary minerals for human body
· Japan made carbon cartridge effectively removes chlorine and lead
· Made in Taiwan

Input voltage
120V / 60Hz
Power consumption
0.6W (standby) / 14W (operation)
Carbon filter lifespan
1 year or 12,000L
UV filter lifespan
12 months
UV output at 254 nm
40μW/cm2 - 60μW/cm2
Unit dimension
11.61W x 4.69D x 15H inches
Package dimension
13.74 x 6.38 x 16.61 inches
Net / Gross weight
9.26 / lbs







Item # UVWP100.


Replacement Carbon Filter - # UVREPF   (Available 4/12)

Replacement UV Cartridge  - # UVREPC   (Available 4/12)


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