Big E Compact Fluorescent (replaces 250 watt Metal Halide) 5000K # BE150

A Smart Green Solution for Replacement of Metal Halide Lamps
The EG-150 "Big E Bulb" is a direct replacement for 250 watt metal halide lamps. Simply screw the EG-150 into the fixture with no need to bypass the ballast. It works within any building line voltage from 120v to 480v and anything in between as long as you are using a functioning metal halide ballast. This includes 347v for Canada. The EG-150 is also energy efficient. Each lamp is 120 watts which dramatically cuts your energy consumption. Additional advantages against a regular metal halide are higher lumen maintenance, instant start up and restrike, no color change, better color temperature, higher color rendition index (CRI) and cooler running temperature.  Notice this lamp has a Scotopic Lumens of 16,934, which has superior seeability compared to any Metal Halide or HPS lamp, even with lower actual  (Scotpic Lumens) of 8,640 than other lamps.  NOTE - DOES NOT WORK WITH ELECTRONIC BALLASTS, DIMMING SWITCH, ENCLOSED FIXTURES, DRY LOCATION ONLY.  IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT A MINIMUM PURCHASE OF 4 LAMPS FOR TESTING A WAREHOUSE AREA.  THIS WILL GIVE A TRUE INDICATION OF THE PERFORMANCE OF THESE LAMPS.
Features and Benefits :  Available in a shatter proof coating.  Will work in alternating current of 277v

• Direct replacement for Metal Halide & Pulse Start Lamps
• Instant start-up and restrike
• Less than 15% lumen depreciation
• Better color rendition - 5000K, 84 CRI  (HPS etc. have 60 CRI)
• No change in lamp color
• 90% less heat than Metal Halide Lamps
• 18 month warranty

• UL & CUL listed and approved

• Life - 15,000 hours,  Lumens: 8,640, Scotopic Lumens: 16,934

* Starting Temperature: 0-135 F Degrees, Ideal Temperature: 32-113 F Degrees

Dimensions: Length: 13.15" (top of bulb to bottom of socket), Width: 7.95"



Price: $99.00


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