Reptile - Solar-Brite™ ED21, 100 w Clear ( # 70310)

Reptile - Solar-Brite™  ED21, 100 w Clear ( # 70310)
 Solar-Brite™ Exotic Pet UVA/UVB plus heat lamps are useful in preventing and treating Metabolic Bone Disease that can occur with reptiles in captivity.  The combination of UVA/UVB plus heat stimulates appetite, increases the brilliance of the reptile’s natural color and assists in inducing breeding when included in a light cycle regimen.  Solar-Brite™ lamps are economical, they provide both proper light and heat from a single unit and have a useful life of 5,000 hrs.  Reptile - Solar-Brite™  ED21, 100 watt, Clear, Medium Base, 120 volt, length - 6.15".   Item  # 70310.  See Item # 70310/C for case quantity (12 lamps).   Call or email for wholesale pricing.

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