Spiralux Vita-Lite, 20 Watt, Full Spectrum (# VL-06808) DISCONTINUED SEE NS20W

Naturallighting.com - Vita-Lite Full Spectrum LightingSpiralux Vita-Lite, 20 Watt, Screw-in, Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Bulb. Works in a standard socket, it is NOT DIMMABLE.  Color Temperature 5500K, CRI 91, Length 5.5" (including socket), Lumen 1100, Rated at 10000 user hours 10000. Replaces 75 watt incandescent.  Full Spectrum lighting, excellent for people, pets (birds, reptiles, etc.), grow light for plants, artists, photography, SAD, and graphics. DISCONTINUED - SEE NATURESSUNLITE - 20 W FULL SPECTRUM - # NS20W

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  • VL-06808
  • VL-06808