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LEOTEK - LED BORDER LIGHTS - NEON TUBE REPLACEMENT. FEATURES: Long Life - Up to 100,000 hours, ABS strip Light, Low Voltage (12/24 VDC), Maintenance Free Modular Design, Rugged & Impact Resistant, Energy Efficient - Low Operating Costs. BENEFITS: Easy to transport, and no glass to break, Uniform color / appearance, no high voltages or TOXIC materials, Low Operating Costs, Shatter Proof, Cool Bulb Surface (allows indoor use), Easy to extend for a variety of sizes, General Marking and Border Lighting. COLORS AVAILABLE - R=RED, Y= AMBER, G=GREEN, B=BLUE, W=WHITE, E=ORANGE, T=TRANSPARENT TUBE. BTL-12X-PA SERIES - COLOR TUBE; BL-12XT-PA SERIES - TRANSPARENT TUBE. PA1=12VDC, PA2=24VDC. LEOTEK - MATERIALS & RATINGS MATERIAL: UVA and UVB Resistant ABS, Fire Rating: US-UL 94V-HB or equivalent, Integrit of Border Tube: IP66, UL Listed L227660 Temperature Ratings: Storage Temp - Power Supply -22 C to +85 C, Other Components -30 C to +85 C. Opertating Temp: Power Supply -22 C to +85 C. Other Components - -30 C to +85 C.