Click here to edit this image.LED NEON LIGHT FLEXIBLE TUBE - REPLACEMENTS FOR NEON LIGHTING! NEON Replacements - SAVE ENERGY and Cost compared to stanard neon tubing! LED NEON Colors available - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White. The LED NEON FLEXIBLE lights can be used in all types of lighting (Interior and Exterior) - Sign, Border Lights, Landscape Pathway, etc. Though neon has long been the mainstream of the outdoors linear lighting, it is also known for its technical weaknesses, including complicated installation, fragile glass nature, potential shock hazard, high maintenance cost and high power consumption. However, the market for outdoor linear lighting is so vast that many manufactures try to find a perfect substitute for neon, but they all fail to solve the above problems. With over 2 years' advanced LED technological research and development work, success has been achived with LED NEON FLEXIBLE Lights to replace glass neon. LED NEON FLEXIBLE Lights comparted to glass neon, is easier to cut and can be bent into whatever angles by hand, installation can be within minutes and most important, it gives no hot spot on appearance. LED NEON FLEXIBLE lights are available in 24 volt DC, and 120 volt AC power options. The 24 volt can be cut in 3"-4" increments, and the 120 volt can be cut in 1.5 feet (Blue, Green, White) to 2.5 feet (Red, Yellow, Orange) increments. The LED NEON FLEXIBLE lights are sold by the FOOT.

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NOTE: Power Cord Adaptors and Power supplies are required for 24 volt LED NEON.
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