Deluxe Hanging Metal White Fixture (DHFW1)

Click here to edit this image.Deluxe Hanging White Fixture, White Metal. Height - 8.5", Diameter - 16". Bulb not included. Recommend Vita-Lite Spiralux 15 watt (VL-06931), Vita-Lite Spiralux 20 watt (VL-06808), Vita-Lite Spiralux 23 watt (VL-06932), Vita-Lite Spiralux 26 watt (VL-06934), NaturesSunlite 15 watt (NS15W), NaturesSunlite 20 watt (NS20W, NaturesSunlite 30 watt (NSW30W).
Price: $55.99


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  • DHFW1
  • DHFW1