BlueWave™ 55-60 watt FML (Tensor Light Bulb Replacement) (#179859)

New BlueWave™ - Full Spectrum FML 55 to 60 watt replacement light bulb. Works in all lamps that use FML 55 or 60 watt bulbs. Full Spectrum 6500K, 90 CRI! (4 pin square base) Life - 10,000 hours. Length - 8" (end of pin to top of bulb), Width - 4.25". Enhances seeability, and excellent for SAD. High Definition Light Bulb. *** BlueWave™ REPLACEMENT LIGHT BULB FOR QVC TENSOR DESK LAMP, Full Spectrum Solutions (FML 55 watt), and all other lamps which use FML55 watt, FML 55 WATT, 6500K!   Item # 179859.
Price: $25.99


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  • 179859
  • 179859