Circline FC8T9, 22 Watt, Daylight, # C205

Circline FC8T9, 22 Watt, Daylight, # C205

Naturallighting Circline BulbsCircline FC8T9 Fluorescent Bulb, 22 Watt, 8", 6500K Daylight. Will work in any standard 22 Watt Circline fixture. Circline ballasts are also available.

Excellent daylight bulb for plant lighting. Not recommended for color matching because of high color temperature (blue white, and low CRI (Color Rendering Index). Sunlight equals 100 CRI, and Daylight equals 82 CRI.  Ott-Lite Replacement. 

Minimum order 1 (one) bulb. Call for case quantity discounts!

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