Fulham - Longhorse Remote Mount Ballasts

Longhorse Fluorescent remote mount electronic ballasts. Six ballasts operate 124 lamps in 628 combinations. Solid-State Electronic. Operates up to 20 feet from lamp, versitile. energy saving. Operation. Specifications - Frequency - 50/60 Htz, ATHD: Meets ANSI C82.11-1993, UL & cUL listed, Type 1 outdoor, High Power Factor - >0.90, Oper Circut Voltage: 600 volt RMS MAX., Minimum Operating Temerature -20 Degrees F (-30 Degrees C), Maximum Operating Temperature: 158 Degrees F (-70 Degrees C), Lamp Starting Mode: Instant Start, Class P: Thermal, Sound Rating A. ** See Lamp Chart for specific types of lamps these ballasts will operate. Excellent low cost freezer ballast!
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