Induction Retrofit Kit, Tube, 5000K, 300 watt (# INR300T5)

Induction Retrofit Kit, Tube, 5000K, 300 watt (# INR300T5)
Induction High Output Twin Tube, 5000K, 300 watt. Includes separate ballast, universal voltage (165-277 volt).  This is a 300 watt twin tube induction lamp with remote ballast.  This lamp replaces up to a 400 watt high pressure sodium or 400 watt metal halide lamp.  These induction retrofit kits are used to retrofit existing metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor - parking fixtures, pole top fixtures, wall packs, flood lights, and many other outdoor HID/Mercury lighting fixtures.  Induction bulbs are excellent for reducing maintenance costs and energy savings.   Induction retrofit kits have an average life of 100,000 hours.  Price listed is for one retrofit kit, call or email for case quantity (12).


Watts:                             300 Watt
Type:                               Remote Ballasted Induction
Lumens:                          24,500
Reduce Energy Cost:     Yes, Reduce AC costs
CRI:                                >80 (RA)
Restrike:                         Instant
Flicker:                            None
Glare:                              None
Low Mercury:                  Yes
Dimensions:                    L= 21.50" x W= 6.06" x H= 3.54"
Case Size:                      12 Kits

Ballast Dimensions:
300 Watt 165-277V:  L= 9.37", W= 4.70", H= 2.85"

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