Germicidal UV, 36", 30 Watt, T8 Lamp (# G30T8) - Germicidal Ultra UV LampsGermicidal Ultraviolet T8 Lamp, G30T8, 30 Watt, 36", Mini Bi Pin, G13 Base, Length 893 mm, Diameter 25.5 mm, 254 nm, 10000 hour average useful life. Primary use for these lamps is sterilization of air and the surfaces of various materials and water or liquid. Equivalent UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1106R replaces American Ultraviolet CE-30-2H, CE-30-H, GML220, SM-30-H, Aquanetics 120IL, 240IL, 30IL, 360IL, 480IL, 600IL, 60IL, 720IL, 90IL, 960IL, ALA-30, 30, PQ120IL, PQ180IL, PQ240IL, PQ300IL, PQ30IL, PQ360IL, PQ60IL, PQ90IL, PQW120IL, Q120IL, Q180IL, Q240IL, Q300IL, Q30IL, Q360IL, Q480IL, Q600IL, Q60IL, Q720IL, Q90IL, Q960IL, QW120IL, W120IL, Coral Life 30 Watt, Eiko G30T8, Fish Mate 30 Watt, General Electric 11080, G30T8, Hawaiian Marine AN-30, Ideal Horizons 22004, Osram Sylvania G30T8, Philips Lighting 360164, TUV30T8, R-Can Sterilight, Spectronics, S5R, S5RA, S5RL, Trojan UV Technologies 650149, UV505, UV555, Tropical Marine Center Vecton UV Pond Clear Advantage UV30, Ultraviolet Devices, Inc UNDI 07-4002, 17-1021, G30T8, VM-36-120-01, Ushio 3000009, Water Master WG-5, WG535/2P, bi-pin, 30 watt, 893 mm, bi-pin both ends.  WARNING - The radiation output of these lamps is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause damage. Protect your eyes and skin against the ultraviolet rays. Price listed is per bulb. Case qty - 10. Call or email for case qty discounts.
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  • G30T8
  • G30T8