Germicidal GPH357T5L/4P (# GPH357T5L/HO/4P)

Germicidal GPH357T5L/4P (# GPH357T5L/HO/4P)
Equivalent UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp - Atlantic Ultraviolet 05-0557, Delta Ultraviolet 70-18405, E/ES/EP - Model 5 Glasco GS4425L Siemens LP4425, SB-10, SBH-10 Sun Spot 306180027, SS20604P, UPH357HO Sunlight SB-10, SBH-10, LP4425, SB-10. GPH357T5L/HO/4PSE.  The lamp is 30 watts, 357 mm in length, rated effective life 10,000 hrs., change once a year. Item # GPH357T5L/HO/4P.  

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