Germicidal Ultra UVC PL 11 watt, 2 pin (# GPL11)

Germicidal Ultraviolet UVC PL 11 Watt, Twin Tube Biax, UVC 254 nm (Non Ozone), Length - 8.5" (end to end), G23 Base, 10000 average life hours. Lamps produce high UVC output in compact area. PL twin tube lamps are excellent for all types of purification and sterilization applications including food processing, medical facilities, air conditioning systems, pharmaceutical production facilities, clean rooms, drinking water production, photochemistry, phototherapy, dermatology, wastewater, laboratory and research facilities, and more. Minimum order 1 bulb. Item No. GPL11. ** SPECIAL USE, UVC LAMPS HARMFUL TO SKIN AND EYES!
Price: $15.99


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  • GPL11
  • GPL11