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Natural Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting Vita-Lite Natural Lighting
Ultraviolet Black Light UVB - (280 nm - 360 nm) Peak 306 nm. The spectral energy distribution is suited to test the ultraviolet resistance of paints, plastics, rubbers.  Used for skin treatment.  They are also used as the special light sources for inspection and analysis. Sizes available - G4T5E, G6T5E, G8T5E, G15T8E, G20T10E, G25T8E, G40T10E. Under construction, call or email for pricing. **** Warning: The radiation of these lamps is harmful to eyes and skin. Protect your eyes and skin against the ultraviolet rays. *** FIXTURES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL BULBS, SEE ULTRAVIOLET FIXTURES. CALL OR EMAIL FOR FIXTURES NOT SHOWN.
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