Pool and Spa Ultraviolet PurifiersClean water will become one of the most scarce resources in the near future. Contamination of water supplies continues to accelerate because of industrial pollution, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, all of which have been used for decades and have contaminated many underground water supplies and water wells. Eventually, the need for clean water will become more important than oil Naturallighting's product line of ultraviolet water purifiers are effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

Products include Sterilight (residential and commercial), Ozone Pool and Spa, The Water Machine, and standard counter and wholehouse filters. The Ultraviolet OZONE Generating System by Sterilight is the space-age way to substantially reduce the need for strong and corrosive chemicals such as chlorine and romine. In the past (and still today), chemicals were used as the primary watPool and Spa Ultraviolet Purifierser treatment method for spas and pools.

Now there is a new light on the horizon. The Ultraviolet OZONE Generating System by Sterilight takes a giant step forward by using Ozone to dramatically reduce the use of chemicals. The OZONE Generator's Space Age Technology by Sterilight thrusts personal protection light years ahead! Europeans have depended on "Ozone" to purify drinking water for decades. Available for Pools and Spas, Modular and Boxed. 100-130 Volt and 200-250 Volt European models (CE Certified).

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