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Water Machine - Water Purifier. The Water Machine uses the most advanced water treatment technology available today, and you can have it right in your home. You can have unlimited supply of pure, great tasting water so vital for you and your family's health! The Water Machine uses the same purification processes found in nature. OZONE, mixes with incoming tap water to destroy contaminants and improve taste leaving no chemical residual. UV, ultraviolet is used to flood the ozone saturated water with high intensity UVC energy, detroying microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts. Photo Oxidation, occurs when UVC and ozone work together to destroy contaminants and microbes. Activated Carbon, is used after ozone, UVC and photo oxidation to filter our chlorine, lead, and tiny particulate matter including protozoan systs. This one micron filter also converts residual ozone back oxygen. Post UV, is used at the final point to ensure the only clean, prue water leaves the machine. ***SEDIMENT FILTER MUST BE INSTALLED FOR WELL WATER. Also we recommend an additional carbon filter before the water machine for additional purification. We do not recommend use of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers/filters, we have found that bacteria in holding tank is significantly high after short term of use. The water is purfied and stored in a tank with RO systems, and after a short term of use we have found that bacteria, fungus, etc. count is very high.

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