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Bio-Fighter� XL Large commercial coils require large UV-C fixtures to maximize surface area coverage energy efficiently. The Bio-Fighter� XL is uniquely qualified for extra-large applications with lamp lengths up to five feet and a class-leading reflector surface area to cost effectively apply a high dose of UV-C energy. The Bio-Fighter� XL is equipped with a heavy duty T6 HO, singled ended lamp that contains protective cathode rings to ensure filament longevity. The environment where XL fixtures are deployed can have high relative humidity levels so a protective boot is in place over the quick connect lamp connection to avoid corrosion. Features * Extra long lamps, up to 5 feet. * Polished aluminum UV-C reflector * Moisture boot seals lamp connections * Custom T6 high-output UV-C lamps * 120V or 230V electronic ballast * Multiple wiring conduits for easy install * Limited lifetime warranty Base Dimensions: 21" Model - 22"L x 2.5"W x 3.375"H 33" Model - 34"L x 2.5"W x 3.375"H 45" Model - 46"L x 2.5"W x 3.375"H 61" Model - 62"L x 2.5"W x 3.375"H Weight: 21" Model - 3.90 lbs. 33" Model - 4.60 lbs. 45" Model - 6.40 lbs. 60" Model - 8.30 lbs. Power: 120V standard. 230V optional. Full Load Amps: 1.15 @ 120V. UV Output: 800 to 890 microwatts* depending on model. *Measured at 12", 50 degrees, 24x24 duct, 500 fpm. Ozone Generation: None. Average Bulb Life: 9000 Hours Continuous